Turn Your Freelance Income into Great Real Estate

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on June 20, 2017 in Online Income, Videos

How much is it worth…your health, your wellbeing, your happiness?

Do you want to own expensive real estate that keeps you trapped in a mortgage…or do you prefer the freedom to spend time your way?

Tom Kerr has been considering the options.

Being geographically independent means you can live and earn in some wonderful places without owning them…without having to pay a huge mortgage for the privilege.

You can take your laptop to a beautiful cafe and make it your office for the morning.

You can park an RV on a beach overlooking the ocean and make that your home for a week.

Who says you must pay and own?

Banks do. They’d like to keep you in debt forever.

When I moved to a small town to set up my freelance career, a friend visiting from the city became excited by the area I was in.

“Can we go and check real estate prices?” she asked after our long, leisurely, Saturday-morning breakfast.

“Why do you have to buy?” I replied. “Can’t you just come and visit me?”

The sharing economy allows you to do that, too. Borrow someone’s car when you’re in town…bed down in an Airbnb…

Author and entrepreneur James Altucher has dispensed with the idea of home ownership. He moves from place to place as his engagements require. He travels light.

That might be a bit extreme but it makes an important point. You can live without so much that you think is essential.

Shake out that mindset and marvel at the possibilities that emerge.

When you have an online income and reduced outgoings you can weigh up the value of what you’re spending your money on. Is it worth three hours of work…five hours…10 hours?

What price do you put on an afternoon at leisure?

Being in control of your income allows you to live simply, work less, and enjoy more.

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