Live Life at Your Own Pace While You Earn Online

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on June 10, 2017 in Online Income, Videos

Freedom is about doing your own thing…at your own pace.

When you take control of your income, you get control of your time.

Here’s how it works for Tom Kerr…

Earn Online

Cafes are a fun place to earn. You’re surrounded by company…without having to engage. As you tap happily on the keyboard, there’s a waiter to top up your coffee.

He doesn’t do office politics.

When you feel ready to stretch your limbs, you close the laptop and take a walk in the park.

Perhaps you take a nap at home after lunch before opening the laptop again and resuming your project. If you’re enthused, you might stay with it for the evening…and have a lie-in next morning.

If a friend calls to say, “let’s go for a hike on Wednesday afternoon”…you’re free to accept the invitation. You can always catch up with your project later.

Over time, your income becomes more scalable. If you want a little extra cash for a special occasion – like a vacation or a celebration – you put in a few extra hours.

If you’re not pressed for cash right now, you can weigh up whether you need to work at all.

Is the money you earn worth more than a few hours of pure pleasure in the garden, tending to your flowers and vegetables?

Can you put a price on an afternoon spent on the river bank, fishing rod by your side, beer in your hand?

Hmmm…your call.

Being able to scale up your income while you’re still in a job lets you measure how much you can earn…and how soon you can tell the boss you’re leaving.

It allows you clear a few debts…or enjoy a few extras.

So, have you got a second income lined up?

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