Shedding the Office Cobwebs on the Water

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on August 11, 2016 in Uncategorised

Cleo Murphy writing on free thinking


The feeling of freedom is often as simple as being out on the water. In fact, it’s difficult to feel chained or burdened when your faced into the wind with the waves lapping at your boat.

Unanchored…you’re away.

I remember such a day on the magnificent Atlantic with the sun shining down on our convivial boat trip to an island where we planned to spend the day hiking, exploring, and picnicking.

I was in the company of a group of insurance executives having a rare weekend away from the office. They were breathing in the fresh air, blowing away the cobwebs, and enjoying the conversation.

They were a decent, hard-working, fun bunch of guys.

But on the journey back I observed one of them become wistful. Mike was reaching retirement age and he was gazing at the boatman perched on the stern…

“Doesn’t that man have great freedom?” he sighed.

The wiry, wizened, suntanned boatman was not much younger than Mike. His hands were oily and calloused. His T-shirt was grubby; his jeans well-worn.

He was a complete contrast to his soft-fleshed, well-dressed, affluent passengers.

On a daily basis, he faced the fluctuations of the weather…the vagaries of the tourism season…the uncertainty of his marine engine. All these affected his ability to create income.

But he didn’t have an employer to contend with. He wasn’t confined to a desk. He didn’t have to play office politics and hope for a promotion to affirm his self-worth.

Each morning, he took to the water… ferrying visitors to the popular island… surrounded by scenery that was breathtaking in sunshine – and wildly exhilarating when a storm rose.

And as Mike contemplated how he had spent his own working life, it was clear that he envied this alternative existence.

Of course, it’s never too late.

I didn’t stay in touch with Mike but I suspect that his retirement is well thought-out. He was already assessing what he wanted and freedom was high on the list. I’ll bet it involved a boat and time spent in natural surroundings.

Freedom can mean many things to many people and – even though it’s never too late to find yours – why put off the search?

If you are tying yourself up in unnecessary debt for material possessions that aren’t giving you a sense of freedom…it’s time to take stock.

An over-dependency on creditors to live your daily life will hold you back for the great experiences of freedom and independence.

Are the material possessions really worth a lifetime shackled to a soul-destroying, daily grind?

You only get one life to live. Choose carefully how you spend it.

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