Living Deliberately in Our Rapidly Changing World

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on July 20, 2016 in Uncategorised

Joel Bowman writing on free thinking

It seems a lifetime has passed since we started our humble little project. Indeed, when the first issue mailed, Britain was still a card-carrying member of the European Union… our favorite cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was changing hands for a mere $200 and change…and Donald Trump was still considered a threat only to himself and good manners.

Fast-forward to today and the scene is rather different…

Following the historic “Brexit” vote, Britain has actually struck out on its own (though it looks likely to lose custody of Scotland and, perhaps, Northern Ireland in the divorce proceedings).

And talk of Frexit (in France), Auxit (Austria), and even Dexit (Germany) grows louder by the day.

Meanwhile, at time of writing, Bitcoin has rocketed to over $660 per coin…a figure that, in our own opinion, may well look like a bargain ten years from now. (Hint, hint: that’s a tip.)

And as for The Donald…far from the comically toupeed outsider we once knew, the billionaire, real estate mogul has since skittled the GOP’s establishment and now stands a 50-50 chance (so say the pollsters) of becoming America’s next Commander in Chief.

To say it’s been a big year would be like saying absinthe has a “subtle” flavor…or that Ellen DeGeneres is only “mildly” irritating.

Of course, people always tend to feel their own times are epochal. That they’re part of some momentous zeitgeist, changing the course of history one vote…one dollar…one birth or one death at a time.

We are, after all, the stars of our own little soap operas…played out in the blink of an eye that is our life.

But whether Donne’s bells toll for the EU (“if a clod be washed away by the sea”)…whether the Clinton Dynasty resumes the Oval Office or Trump wins the day…whether fringy cryptocurrencies liberate the world from the yoke of central bank maleficence…

…it hardly matters.

Ten…20…100 years from now, people will be asking themselves the same timeless questions; the very questions we pondered when founding this publication:

How do we live a better, freer, more meaningful existence? How can we live, as Henry David Thoreau had it, “deliberately?”

Is it by accumulating more “stuff”…by gaining the approval of more people…by winning the proverbial rat race?
One suspects not.

Stuff enslaves. Opinions waiver. And he who wins the rat race…is still but a rat.

Rather than look in all the same places, we tried to set off on a new path in these pages. The “one less travelled by…”

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