This Is Why Your Job Is Going Away

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on August 2, 2017 in Uncategorised

Ryan Cole writing on jobs…

Two companies in Norway are building a ship for three times what it would normally cost. And it’ll be worth every penny.

The boat – a container ship designed to move fertilizer – will set sail in 2018. And the reason it’s so expensive? It will be entirely autonomous.

On the first few runs, there will be a skeleton crew aboard in case there are any unexpected issues. But, once she’s proven herself sea-worthy, the Yara Birkeland won’t need a soul on board to move her containers.

She’s expensive up front, but that’s not a worry for the Norwegians. You see, between eliminating the need for labor, and the fact that it operates on cheap, clean fuel, the Yara Birkeland will have an operating cost 90% lower than similar ships.

That’s what happens when the machines take over. And it’s why the machines are in the process of taking over everything.

I can’t stress this enough – this isn’t some fantasy sci-fi vision of the future. This isn’t some hopeful futurist’s beliefs about tomorrow.

This is today. This ship is being built. And the only reason there aren’t more like it is because no one’s figured out how to regulate them yet.

That’s right – in an ironic twist, it’s government bureaucracy and red tape that’s keeping millions of jobs alive just awhile longer.

By 2020, the international bodies that regulate international seas will probably have their act together…and autonomous ships will rule the waves.

Around the same time, the U.S. government will probably get its act together, and we’ll have autonomous trucks rule the roads.

Trucking alone is worth somewhere between three and five million jobs…and it’s one of the few middle class salaries still available for folks without a college degree. In many states, truckers make up the largest chunk of workers.

And in a few years, they’ll all be out of a job.

Heck, I’m not safe myself. Already, the LA Times employs software programs to write up simple news items about smaller earthquakes.

When I play in my fantasy sports leagues, we get a personalized article written about our teams every week – covering us like we’re in a real playoff race.

Think there’s a person somewhere typing that out for the millions of fantasy sports leagues? Nope.

The truth is, employment as you know it is already dead. We’ve got the husk still moving, but all the important inner parts are being eaten away.

And even if you’re already retired – but especially if you aren’t – that matters a huge amount.

Not only are jobs going away – yes, yours too – entire industries are going to be swept aside…producing massive market collapses, economic panic, and uncertainty up to our eyeballs.

When – if – we come out the other side, we should be living in a better world. One where everyone is unchained from desks, and we’ve redefined what it means to work.

But the transition will be hard. Especially on those who don’t see this coming, and don’t have a plan.

Preparing you for the coming chaos is one of the core missions we hold dear here at The Savvy Retiree.

It’s why Truth & Plenty and Independence Monthly are full of the types of investments and work that will survive the collapse of employment. They’re also full of ways to gird yourself for disruptions – whether they be power grids going down, grocery stores getting wiped, or plain old fashioned bank runs.

Because these aren’t tomorrow’s problems. These are issues we’re facing today, and over the next few years.

We’ll make sure you’re ready.

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