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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on December 6, 2016 in Travel Smarts

Winton Churchill writing on geographical independence

Almost every weekday was the same. Put on suit…get in car…commute…meetings all day…corporate goals to meet…bills to pay…

I remember one day on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles passing an RV. The guy driving looked relaxed, about my age. I wondered what he knew that I didn’t.

I wanted to be “that guy”…on the move, enjoying the freedom of the open road… not going to work on a weekday, not steeling my psyche for the battles of the day.

Parts of my job were fun, very fun…but as my career lengthened, the fun began to wane. More responsibility, covering more bases, dealing with complex employee issues, struggling in a competitive marketplace, battling the ups and downs of a now wildly fluctuating economy…

What does the guy in the RV know that I don’t?

This became my most burning question.

Did he win the lottery? Did he get an inheritance from a rich uncle? Was he sweeping the beach with a metal detector when he found gold?

I wanted to get back to fishing, like I did as a kid growing up on Biscayne bay in Miami…the photography I enjoyed so much after I started taking photos at the age of nine when I learned the miracle of light and dark processing my own film…and outings to places like archaeological sites, eco-reserves, and historic locations.

I began my analysis in earnest. I started reading books about RVers, rented a few RVs, took short trips, and got the feel of the lifestyle (in small doses). But, on Monday, I put on my suit and slogged back into the chrome and glass building. Because I still didn’t know what the guy in the RV knew…

I was back in the gilded cage, good job, good people (mostly)…but that guy in the RV kept flashing in my mind.

I realized that while getting a taste of the RV life was good, I needed to look deeper into what the guy in the RV did before he got in the RV…

I needed to know how…

And of course I wanted to find the “secret” – the magical incantation and snap of the fingers that would drop me in the seat of the RV on my way to parts unknown.

Oh, there is no shortage of people who will tell you that you can do it instantly, but as I began to study, I realized it began in earnest with a plan.

I studied others who had made similar transitions. I was more interested in how they started their plan than where they were going in the RV.

Well…I never got the RV, never won the lottery, never day-traded my way to success…

But fast forward 10 years and I am writing this from a small fishing village in Mexico, after enjoying a few months the past summer in Ireland and London, and six weeks in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai….

Because I learned about one simple skill that took advantage of all those hard lessons I learned wearing a suit, commuting to work, and doing the zombie walk into chrome and glass buildings.

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