Say Goodbye to Fund Your Life Daily…Say Hello to a Savvier, Richer Retirement

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on January 20, 2020 in Save Money

Dear The Savvy Retiree Daily Reader,

And so begins a new age…

You might have noticed (or not) that the Fund Your Life Daily banner you normally see atop the daily e-letter is, as of today, The Savvy Retiree Daily. While the name has changed, our mission to bring you the best, most innovative earning opportunities out there has not.

We’ve also launched this brand new website

So, why usher out the old?

The change reflects the new reality—that retirement, as an ideal, isn’t just an exercise in funding your life. It’s pursuing the life you want, and that’s not always a money issue.

The retirement so many of us are looking toward nowadays is no longer about “retiring.” Or at least not retiring in the sense of withdrawing from a career at some post-60 age so that we can bask in the glow of daytime TV as we await the strains of Amazing Grace to announce our ultimate departure.

As I like to say, the modern retirement—Retirement 2.0—is a full-contact sport. It’s active. It demands our full attention. It requires that we participate in our life and not just sit back and accept the life that settles over us.

Opportunities exist today that previous generations never had. Thanks to technology and low-cost travel, we can define our life in retirement rather than our retirement finances defining the life we’re stuck with.

Don’t have a bazillion dollars saved? No worries.

And don’t be disheartened by the media’s constant stream of headlines screaming that you’re not financially prepared for retirement. Today, you can supplement whatever nest egg you do have with a job doing whatever you love…wherever you love doing it.

Which, in a way, leads us to me…

You will be hearing from me every Saturday and Sunday here in The Savvy Retiree Daily, and you will see my byline regularly in our monthly publication The Savvy Retiree.

I joined The Savvy Retiree as editor recently to help show you the world of opportunities that swirl all around us—opportunities people don’t always see or even realize exist.

I was raised by my grandparents (so I see retirement issues from a first-person perspective); I spent 17 years as a financial writer at The Wall Street Journal; I’ve written several personal finance and investment books; I’ve worked as a freelancer in the U.S. and abroad (I currently live in Prague); and I’ve even won some awards for screenwriting. I’ve also traveled through nearly 70 countries at this point—big and small.

So, what I bring to our little party is the “savvy” part of The Savvy Retiree. I’ve literally spent my life either living with retirees or writing about them (and about money and finance) in various ways. I have the experience, the institutional knowledge, and practical life lessons from the world of money, investing, and travel to keep you moving toward and through a full-contact retirement.

We’re going places, me and you. We have trips to take. Money to earn. Money to save. Dream jobs to pursue. We might learn to cook…or how to take photos for money…or how to travel more efficiently and for less money.

Through it all, we’re aiming toward an overarching goal: To take the focus off how much money we need to live in retirement and to put the focus on how much richer our life can be in retirement. In other words, living life as a savvy retiree.

Written by Jeff D. Opdyke