Downsize Smoothly with this Clever Tip

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on June 13, 2017 in Save Money

It took a downturn in the economy for some folks to see the light.

But it sure illuminated their world and, yes…the emperor had no clothes.

If you had wardrobes full of clothes, you had credit card debt to go with them.

Nice accessory, eh?

Same goes for the McMansion. It no longer screamed: WEALTH

It looked like a burden.

And who wants to go through life carrying burdens?

So, you may be one of the enlightened people who said, “Hang on a minute…how did we get here?” and smartly began looking at other ways of living.

(Or you may be someone who has just joined the search. Welcome aboard.)

Smarter, simpler living has never been so easy. The freelance economy is ripe with opportunities for earning online…becoming your own boss…and creating an independent source of wealth. Because you don’t want to go through life propping up corporate America from an office cubicle while your joints seize up.

You can cut your costs by entering the sharing economy. Make money by sharing your car or your house…or enjoy travel and accommodation at lower prices when others share with you.

Downsizing and decluttering are the first steps in this liberating journey.

This new way to create more time, space, and quality in your life begins with laying down the burden, shedding the load.

If you’re offloading unnecessary real estate in favor of a smaller, mortgage-free space, Tom Kerr has this important advice to save you hassle.


This is a journey that will give you back your life, make you wonder why you ever gave the system permission to rob you of control. Your new pathway will reward you with the freedom to make your own decisions.

Ready to get started?

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