How To Grab Wealth On Your Own Terms

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on January 11, 2018 in Online Income, Remote Working

Tom Kerr writing about wealth…

“Wealth, no less than knowledge, is power,” wrote Henry David Thoreau.

That quote surprises many folks who think of Thoreau as a fellow who only supported the idea of living austerely.

After all, Thoreau lived for a while on borrowed land in a tiny, humble cabin made from a recycled chicken coop.

But that lifestyle choice was his own personal and individual interpretation of how he desired to “march to the beat of a different drummer.”

To live free, exercise personal liberty, break the mold of conformity…and enjoy life on his own terms.

The right opportunity can give you the power Thoreau was talking about.

Richard Stamp and his wife Deb owned a cabin in the mountains they used as a getaway. Then they started renting it out, and realized they could expand that side gig into a profitable enterprise.

Soon they owned six rentals, all in desirable vacation destinations. Richard saves an extra 40% of the profit by managing the rentals himself, using automated online rental platforms.

Last year he and Deb went on a cruise, and he managed everything while relaxing on the deck of the ship.

A couple of guys in Brooklyn were recently featured in the New York Times because of their clever rental income scheme. They bought a parking space in New York for $45,000 in 2005 and it generated $600 a month in income.

But demand for parking keeps growing…so last year they sold that parking space for a sweet $285,000.

Other individual investors across the U.S. profit from similar savvy practices.

And you don’t have to live in the same congested city as your parking spaces either. That’s because the only real work involved is collecting rent and repainting the lines once in a blue moon.

My old neighbor George heard the beat of his different drummer while working in a windowless office – as the finance manager of a retail store.

He quit…and started offering the same expertise as a freelance business consultant. The change allowed him to earn enough in four days to take three-day weekends.

Last I heard, he was indulging in horseback riding and fishing trips most of the time.

When I met Joe Choi a few months ago, he was installing small business computer systems in the coastal city of Wilmington, NC.

But he wanted to devote more time to gardening, photography, and travel, versus sitting in office buildings staring at blue screens.

His path to freedom was growing microgreens he sells to local restaurants. He developed this new, high-income career without leaving his suburban home or even buying a farm. He just rented a small indoor space nearby and created the microgreen business debt-free. He’s been profitable since the first day of operation.

Joe did it without relying on banks that have a vested interest in putting you into lifelong debt, or bosses who don’t give you enough money or time off to climb out from under that debt.

As the poet Lord Byron wrote, “Ready money is Aladdin’s lamp.”

Today, ordinary folks all over North America are finding their unique rhythm and stepping to it.

You too can strike it rich and blaze a trail to your very own life of leisure.

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