Freelancing With Your Feet In the Water

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on January 29, 2018 in Online Income, Remote Working

Nikia Wade writing on freelancing…

It was a warm, dry day at the waterfront in downtown Kirkland. I found a comfortable place on the plush green grass nearby, laid my blanket down, and pulled out fresh strawberries, a good book, and a bottle of water. I was in heaven.

Downtown Kirkland is a cute little town in Washington State that’s filled with quirky boutiques, quaint coffee shops, and diverse restaurants. It was the first time I’d been to the area.

It was mid-day on a Friday. Workers made their way down by the water to steal 30 minutes of heaven on their lunch break. Faced with spending the afternoon bound to their desks, they craved a few moments in the fresh air.

At my old nine-to-five job, I used to take walks like that, just to get some sun. I’d occasionally walk down to a park to regain some energy. Something about the sun and being by the water reboots my mental batteries.

But now, I can spend the entire day outside if I want.

Over a year ago, I switched from a nine-to-five job to being a freelance writer. So now I have both the freedom to create my own schedule and the funds to travel whenever I want.

I was in Washington State to visit my buddy. While she worked during the day, I explored around Washington and would usually set my laptop up at a nearby coffee shop to write.

This past year alone, I’ve traveled for about three months. I bounced around the East Coast and even went out West a couple of times. During my travels, I spent a lot of time visiting with family and old friends.

Eventually, I left the waterfront in Kirkland and strolled to a nearby farmers market. I could smell the big bouquet of flowers the marketers had freshly picked. Not the thin, wimpy bouquets you find at the grocery store. These sunflowers were bigger than the size of my fist. And each bouquet was packed with at least a dozen of them.

The aroma of homemade chocolate quickly got my attention and I power walked my way over to the stall. Fortunately, the vendor was giving out samples…and I thought my day couldn’t get better!

I eventually made my way back to the waterfront where I let my feet soak in the sun a little more.

Then it suddenly hit me. I was 3,250 miles away from home on a Friday. I could have been in an office. But here I was leisurely enjoying nature and the outdoors.

We weren’t created to work like slaves, retire when we’re old, and die. No, that’s a lie someone sold us a long time ago.

When you start to beat the system at its own game, you get to call the shots. You become the boss. Money is important, but that’s only because it’s a tool that allows you to do what you want. Maybe you love to fish, golf, or bike.

I encourage you to start writing your own story…

When you have money and time on your side, the possibilities are endless.

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