5 Compelling Reasons to Work Remotely From Uruguay

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on January 30, 2021 in Remote Working

If you have the ability to work remotely, an opportunity increasingly open to so many of us, then now is time to take advantage. After all, why work from a cold, expensive, densely populated city, when you could enjoy a vastly better qualify of life for far less money in a warm, beautiful destination overseas?

The question is where you should go. For many remote workers, top considerations in choosing a location include:

•            Fast, reliable internet

•            Political stability with low levels of corruption

•            A beautiful environment and plenty of entertainment options

•            A time zone that’s compatible with your clients and/or co-workers

•            Value for money

When you weigh up these considerations, one country that has to come out at or near the top of the list is Uruguay. This Latin American haven excels in all of the aforementioned criteria, and offers much more besides. Here are five compelling reasons you should consider Uruguay:

#1: Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America for digital quality of life.

International cybersecurity company Surfshark studies the digital quality of life in 85 countries by assessing five fundamental pillars to digital well-being: internet affordability; internet quality; electronic infrastructure (how advanced and inclusive it is); level of government service digitization; and level of electronic security (privacy protection and prevention of cybercrime).

In the company’s 2020 analysis, Uruguay ranked highest in Latin America and third in all of the Americas (after the U.S. and Canada).

This result will have been unsurprising to anyone who’s heard of Uruguay’s Plan Ceibal, under which it provides a free laptop computer to every primary and secondary student and teacher in the public-school system. Uruguay was the first country in the world to launch such a program.

#2: It’s the most democratic country in Latin America.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, a U.K.-based organization that indexes 167 countries, Uruguay boasts the strongest democracy in Latin America.

Economically, Uruguay is a food-exporting powerhouse. Culturally, it’s egalitarian. University and post-graduate studies are almost free and worker protections are strong.

Uruguay is also ranked as the least corrupt country in Latin America by Transparency International, a Berlin-based organization that publishes the Corruption Perception Index.

#3: The country offers interesting places to live and work.

Even though Uruguay is a small country, it offers a rich diversity of living environments, all with fiber-optic internet. These include:

The capital, Montevideo

•            Home to 40% of Uruguay’s population

•            The city is ranked by global consulting firm Mercer as having the highest quality of life in South America.

•            There are more than 70 coworking spaces in Montevideo.

The beach resort city of Punta del Este

•            The most prestigious beach resort town in South America

•            A college town as well as a beach resort

•            There are half a dozen coworking spaces between Punta del Este and the neighboring middle-class city of Maldonado.

The low-key beach town of La Paloma

•            Located on a pristine Atlantic coast beach in a mostly rural region of Uruguay

•            A popular area for surfing, kite-surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking

Uruguay’s interior cities

•            A variety of small cities dot Uruguay’s lush inland landscape, which is comprised of farms and grazing pastures.

•            You can live close to the country, with the convenience of nearby stores, cafés, and hospitals.

From its vibrant capital Montevideo to the celebrated beach resort of Punta del Este, Uruguay offers sun, culture, and top-quality living.

#4: Uruguay is in a strategically attractive time zone.

The country is:

•            Three or four hours behind London

•            One or two hours ahead of New York

•            Four or five hours ahead of Los Angeles

So, if you work with people in the U.S. and Canada or in the U.K. and Western Europe, Uruguay’s “in-the-middle” time zone provides overlapping business hours. It is also ideal for day-traders who buy and sell during the opening moments of the New York Stock Exchange based on the closing trends of the London Stock Exchange.

#5: Uruguay offers excellent value for money.

Housing, both to buy and rent, costs less in Uruguay than in the U.S. In Montevideo, for instance, you can get a central apartment suitable for a couple for $900. Similarly, private healthcare plans are available from $50 per month plus small copayments.

For most expats in Uruguay, their overall living cost is much less than in the U.S. And while Uruguay is not the cheapest place to live in Latin America, many find it offers the best value for money given the high standard of living.

By David Hammond