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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on February 26, 2021 in Personal Finances

When the world changes, you change with the world…or you risk missing out on new opportunities the world is offering up.

To which I draw your attention to a name change to our monthly newsletter, from The Savvy Retiree to the Global Intelligence Letter. This takes effect from the March issue.

It coincides with a name change to The Savvy Retiree Daily, which is now called Field Notes.

Before I get into the reasons for this change, let me first address the practicalities of what this means for you.

  • Our commitment to our subscribers is stronger than ever. You will continue to receive your monthly newsletter on the first day of every month. The cover story will still be written by yours truly. And my focus will still be on showing you how to live richer, now and in retirement. In fact, I will be expanding the scope of our publication to bring you even more actionable intelligence to protect and increase your wealth.
  • Your Savvy Retiree archive will remain on the IL website—now and always. The past issues of our publication will be available to you, in the same way you access them right now. That will not change.
  • You’ll be hearing from me far more often. With The Savvy Retiree Daily, I wrote to you on the weekends and brought you articles from guest contributors Monday to Friday. With Field Notes, almost all of the letters will be from me. I may bring you the occasional guest post from a bona fide expert in a given topic (maybe once a week or so), but from now on, when you see Field Notes, you’ll know that it’s typically direct from me to you.

Now, as to why I’ve decided to make this change…

The Savvy Retiree served us well, and its heritage remains intact and stands as a building block upon which the Global Intelligence Letter rises. But it’s time to push forward with a new combination that brings you the best of The Savvy Retiree and a fresh, global take on income and opportunity.

At the heart of this change is 2020…a year that not only presented the world with new challenges, it showed us where the world is headed and, more important to us, where money is headed—in both physical and electronic form.

One string in this knot is the pandemic and governments’ reaction to it. Governments have addressed COVID-19 using the only tool governments know how to use: the money printing press. Global debt, as a result, has soared to levels so large that the numbers are incomprehensible to any human mind. I’ll just say that total, global governmental debt is more than triple the size of the world’s overall economy, and if (probably “when”) that debt begins to spiral out of control—selling ever larger sums of new debt just to pay existing debt—you’re going to want to know where the opportunities are to protect and grow your wealth.

Another string has seen cryptocurrency assets come into their own—not just the store-of-value behemoth bitcoin, but a whole host of so-called “alt coins” that are redefining numerous businesses as well as the entire world of finance. My prediction: One day soon, traditional banks—and likely Wall Street, itself—will not exist as we currently know them. What’s taking place even as you read these words is a once-in-a-species shock to the system that will usher in a new era that will have big winners…and big losers. You definitely want to be on the right side of this emerging history.

Those—and many others I’ll skip over for the time being—are gray rhino risks: Highly probable, highly impactful events that the savvy among us can steer clear of, even exploit to our advantage, if we see what’s charging in our direction.

Which is why I am now coming to you with the Global Intelligence Letter.

This is authentic, boots-on-the-ground research and analysis. From my home base in Prague, I will frequently venture forth into the world to find the unique opportunities you are absolutely not hearing about in the mainstream (or even alternative) financial media.

For instance:

  • Has anyone mentioned to you the monthly dividend stream from a company whose sole purpose is to collect a small part of every sale that occurs at a particular fast food eatery? Probably not.
  • Do you know what sneaker-maker New Balance is doing that speaks to a revolution in product authenticity—a revolution that has the potential for early investors to turn a few hundred dollars into tens of thousands of dollars (and I am not being hyperbolic)? Probably not.
  • Has anyone told you about a no-fee residency visa opportunity that allows applicants to live in a tropical paradise and, oh by the way, can lead to some pretty sweet tax benefits? Again, probably not.
  • What about the opportunity to hedge dollar and political risk through a 100% legal offshore account, in a highly regulated jurisdiction, that Uncle Sam can’t touch if ever he again decided (as he has done in the past) that confiscation is the only way to shore up the greenback? Probably not.

Thing is, I know all about those opportunities and so many more. They are my daily world; they’ve been my daily world for well over a decade now. As such, my aim is to play to my strengths for your benefit.

I spent 17 years writing about money and investing for The Wall Street Journal. I’ve written 10 books on topics such as investing globally, personal finance, and working as a digital nomad. I’ve been to nearly 70 countries. I’ve opened bank and brokerage accounts in more than a dozen countries on five continents. I have worked as a trader and a hedge fund analyst. I even wrote a screenplay based on research I conducted in northeastern India that was recently optioned by a Hollywood producer.

I’m the European-based international intelligence agent who knows how to move about the world to find and collect the information that can help you earn more and live a richer life. That was my mantra at The Savvy Retiree, and it remains my mantra today—because everything I will do under the Global Intelligence Letter aims to bring you a greater selection of global opportunities.

We have come to one of those defining moments in history. The landscape is shifting. Rules, systems, institutions that we’ve all lived with for the entirety of our lives—they are changing. Some are being tweaked. Some are in the process of collapse, though that collapse is happening outside the vision of too many people who aren’t recognizing (or accepting) what’s going on or the new systems and institutions rising up in turn.

I recognize it, because I see it all from a global perspective—an American living in Europe, who regularly travels the world, and who has the institutional knowledge that comes from researching and writing about all of this going back nearly 30 years.

In short: I’m the spy who’s coming in from the cold to tell you what’s really going on out there—and how to play it to your advantage.

Jeff D. Opdyke