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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on December 25, 2016 in Online Income

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Ever mounted a snowmobile and careened through untouched snow in the Rockies…tromped among boulders and towering evergreens that dot the mountainsides, while inhaling the crisp, clean air…or saddled up for a horseback adventure through incredible rock formations in the Valley of the Gods?

I have. And that doesn’t scratch the surface.

Most friends would say I’m not an outdoors kinda guy.

True, I’m no athlete, but I’ve surprised myself these last few years. I like to explore this world of ours, near and far. Lately I venture out whenever and wherever I can…just because I can.

My husband, Casey, and I just got back from a visit to Colorado and Wyoming to visit family.

Our initial plan was to visit just for a few days. We’d stayed in my brother-in-law’s cabin before, high in the towering mountains over Red Feather Lake. When he suggested we add a couple days to our trip, there was no argument. After all, he said, there was plenty of pristine snow waiting, just a couple valleys over.

Now, the closest thing to a snowmobile I’d ever been on was a glorified jet-ski in the Caribbean last year.

This year, we traded shorts and flip-flops for parkas and boots. The only word I could find about the icy trek that followed: Breathtaking.

Later at the cabin, we bundled up again for a quick hike before settling in front of the fire.

The last time we were at Red Feather, it was high summer. Cool even then, we could stand in shirt-sleeves atop a huge boulder near the cabin, in complete awe of the amazing view. Looking far below to the mirrored lake in the valley below, it felt like I was airing out my soul.

An all-new adventure each time…is it any wonder I’d jump at the chance to return?

We hadn’t planned on that detour into the mountains this trip, but I’m glad I didn’t have to turn it down. Sadly, most people can’t change vacation plans on a whim. Once the boss approves your time off, it’s set in stone, right?

Not for me. Not anymore.

That’s because four years ago, I opted-out of the rat race. I found an off-button for the corporate treadmill. And I stopped the endless, frantic attempts to “earn” an all-too-short break, before climbing right back on again.

Today, I’m my own boss. I found a new way to leverage almost 30 years’ experience in technology and corporate IT. As a freelance copywriter, I create marketing content for technology companies. I work from home, and I get to decide which projects I take or leave. And I don’t have to work an insane number of hours to make a comfortable living.

Best of all, copywriting is a portable career. I can pick up and go exploring, whenever I want, with only my laptop and an internet connection. My clients don’t care when, where, or how long I travel. I can work from practically anywhere in the world — even a rustic cabin in the mountains.

And I do. In fact, I paid for our November adventure by finishing up a couple articles, sitting by the fire.

I’m back in Dallas — for now. But there’s a nephew up in Alaska we haven’t seen for a while. He’s got internet there, too.

Anyone up for ice fishing?

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