Treats, Vacations, and New Cars with an Online Income

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on December 22, 2016 in Online Income

Penny Hunt writing on online income

For more than 32 years, I suffered the drudgery of hauling to work day in day out. I worked mostly customer service and administrative assistant jobs…cubicle living, paper shuffling, and phone work. But with a husband, a son, and a daughter growing up, I had responsibilities, so I did it.

We weren’t going hungry. We had a roof over our heads, albeit a rental. We had two cars, one of which we called “local.” Fearing it would break down, we kept it within a five-mile radius of home.

We were making it from paycheck to paycheck. Barely.

Today, we own our home on a half-acre near Philadelphia and enjoy a view of the back yard and wooded area from our large deck.

It all changed because the one saving grace in my otherwise boring 9-to-5 job was being the designated point person for correspondence.

Writing and sending emails and letters was the highlight of my day. I thought, if I could just do that all day — and, of course make money doing it — that would be awesome. Then I discovered that I could…as a freelance copywriter, writing sales letters and promotional literature .

I took a course and, when I finished it in October 2007, I submitted my first writing assignment to a mortgage company. Much to my surprise and joy…it was selected. I was paid $5,000 and asked to write another…for an additional $5,000.

A copywriting income can be different things for different people. You can keep your full-time job, if that’s what you want to do, and write for enjoyment and extra cash. Or you can dump that crappy hole-in-the-wall you begrudgingly show up to each day and transition to being a full-time writer.

I continued to work since I was due to retire in 2014 and wanted to maximize my benefits. Also, I was caring for my mom who was getting on in years. I had to take breaks from writing at times to look after her. But that was the beauty of freelance copywriting. You can take time off…and no one yells at you.

My first $10,000 helped me to enjoy my daughter’s wedding and provide extras. I didn’t stress over the hotel bill and we were able to pay for an after-the-wedding breakfast for our out-of-town guests.

The extra money I earned during the next eight years helped fund vacations with our son and daughter and their spouses. Our cars became newer. Then three years ago, we finally moved into two brand new cars.

With my copywriting money, we can take our granddaughters and do fun things without even thinking about it. Christmases are nicer and everyone receives in abundance.

Copywriting still provides me with a way to work when I want…and I make as much as I want. I use the extra money for things outside our regular budget. Things we would not otherwise be able to do or have. No more traffic. No more stress. No more micro-managers. I’m my own boss.

We are not millionaires now by any stretch of the imagination, but with new cars, not having to watch every penny, no threat of losing any utility, and living in our own home…we certainly feel like millionaires.

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