Three Great Ways to Sell Your Knowledge Online

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on July 24, 2017 in Online Income

Andy Fleming writing on selling your knowledge online…

Looking for ways to earn some extra cash? There are plenty of easy options for earning money by sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world. You won’t have to learn anything new. Everyone has picked up a few useful skills through work or their hobbies that others could benefit from. Techniques you use for work may attract the most demand, but survival skills, crafts, and artistic pursuits can also generate revenue…if you know how and where to market them. Here are some of the best places you can go to trade your knowledge for money.

1. Design an online course

Sell your knowledge

The field of online education is becoming increasingly popular. Some of the most popular online courses have earned their designers millions. Udemy is a good place to start, their interface is easy to use and there’s no application process. Anyone can design a course through the site, and the average instructor earns about $7,000 per year. You can price classes yourself, and Udemy retains 50% of the course fee. However, if you’re able to refer your own students through word of mouth or your personal website, you get to keep 100% of the course fees. The only requirements are that the course contain 30 minutes’ worth of content, 60% of which must be video. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is only a viable option for business or tech-oriented courses either. Cooking, fitness, and yoga classes are quite popular.

SkillShare keeps a slightly larger chunk of the course fee – 70% (or 30% if you refer the student yourself). You must apply to design a course, and it must fit into the categories of: advertising, business, design, fashion, film, food and drink, photography, publishing, technology, television, or writing. Skillshare courses are 45-minutes long, broken down into four nine-minute videos. Their teachers earn an average of $3,000 per year and the site offers monthly teaching challenges with rewards such as free advertising or recording equipment.

2. Write an eBook

If you’re more into writing than making videos, you can always put your knowledge into eBook form. Your eBook should average around 40 pages. If you’re passionate about the subject it’s not hard to churn this out in less than a month. This is a great option if you’ve already got a blog going, you can always edit your best entries into book format.

Sell your knowledge

Once you’ve written an e-Book, you have many options for quick and easy publication. Amazon Kindle will publish your work for free, and they offer 70% royalties on eBooks costing less than $9.99. Apple has a similar service called iBooks Author which also pays out 70% royalties. The iBooks service has a lot of tools for creating attractive, image-heavy eBooks, which makes it a good option for cookbooks or how-to guides.

3. Make a YouTube video

Sell your knowledge

Generating ad revenue through YouTube views is a great idea if you’ve got a niche skill that needs to be shown to be understood. There’s no application process to create a YouTube channel, and you only need one hit video to start pulling in some serious cash. Even low-quality videos filmed with laptop cameras or cell phones get millions of views if the information is valuable enough. People flock to YouTube to learn everything; how to change the oil in their car, how to cook a tasty home meal, how to stop a baby who’s throwing a temper tantrum…If you’ve got a tried-and-true trick you think no one else knows, put it on YouTube. Even cute animal videos generate millions of dollars in ad revenue, and you’ve got nothing to lose by making a few home videos and throwing them up online. You can also easily design ads through YouTube or Facebook to grow your viewership. A $20 weekly investment will run ads to over a thousand people and get your viewer base started.

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