Online Income, Cheesemaking, and Long Vacations

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on July 21, 2016 in Online Income

Les Worley writing on online income

Earlier this month, most Americans were off for the July 4th holiday, grilling hotdogs and watching brilliant firework displays…the one day a year they celebrate independence.

Not me. There I was, pecking away at my keyboard to finish a last-minute assignment.

But don’t feel sorry for me. I celebrate my own version of Independence Day, one that lasts 365 days a year.

Let me explain…

You see, I’m was typing while lounging in a comfy teak recliner in the shade of an enormous teal-and-orange striped umbrella. Arched overhead was a brilliant azure sky, the warm breeze carrying the roar of the surf from just a block away. At my elbow, a frosty margarita was slowly melting.

That’s how it is in sunny Playa del Carmen, Mexico. And even though I was there on vacation, I was still able to earn good money, just by working a couple hours here and there. And only when I wanted to. How’s that for celebrating independence?

But it wasn’t always like this.

For nearly 30 years I worked in technology companies, writing software and managing internet developers. The more I worked, the more they expected, like a treadmill with a broken speed switch. The 40 hours a week turned into 50, then 60. Believe me, I’ve had more than one vacation cancelled on me at the last minute. And even more when taking my laptop and pager along wasn’t a request, but an order.

Not anymore. I’ve found a better way, doing something I’ve always loved – writing – and leveraging all my technology know-how, too.

A couple years ago I found copywriting and declared my independence from the corporate treadmill. Today I’m a freelance writer, using my writing skills and past experience to create marketing content for hi-tech companies.

I’m my own boss, and I get to choose which projects I accept and when. The best part is I can – and do – write from anywhere I can get an internet connection. All without the 60-hour-a-week grind, without crazy, daily commutes – and without an unappreciative boss above or whiny employees.

It’s about more than just taking a vacation whenever I want, though. I can work from home and set my own schedule, so I can take care of personal appointments without asking anyone’s permission.

And because copywriting pays so well, I don’t have to work so many hours. That means I get to enjoy my family and friends again – or just walk the dog whenever I feel like it. And I’m back into my favorite hobbies again, too, like growing my own veggies and herbs, cooking, and even making homemade cheeses.

Oh, and that last minute assignment I mentioned – done on my iPad while on a tropical getaway? I was editing an article for one of my favorite clients, without ruining my vacation.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt I got paid handsomely for an hour’s work. And why not? I write a couple hours each day anyway, wherever I am. It might as well be profitable.

Now that’s freedom. I guess you can say it’s my own personal Independence Day, minus the fireworks. But it’s one I get to celebrate each and every day.

I think that calls for another margarita.

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