I Travel the World as a Food Blogger…and You Could Do the Same

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on January 15, 2021 in Online Income

For almost five years, I’ve been earning a living online and traveling the world through blogging. In that time, I’ve visited more than 60 countries across five continents, all the while working with companies, brands, and tourism boards to promote services and destinations that I believe would be favorable to my audience.

I’ve worked with high-end properties in Bali, been hosted on trekking trips through Nepal, spent a day island-hopping on a luxury catamaran in Mexico, and been ferried to Greek islands. I’m even a two-time judge at the world’s biggest competition food event, the World Food Championships.

Blogging has truly transformed my life, unlocking experiences I never could have imagined. But when I started my blog, I did not intend on it becoming a full-time job, much less a career. In the beginning, it was simply a way to share my passion for food and travel and, hopefully, get some free accommodation and a few hosted trips. I never dreamed that blogging could become my primary source of income.

But in these past five years, my blog has grown from a one-man operation into a mini media outlet. Today, I have a small team to help me publish content from an ever-growing list of contributors from around the world.

Bali, Indonesia is one of the destinations Nathan Aguilera has gotten paid to visit as a blogger

For an adventurous soul like me, blogging is an ideal job because I can work from anywhere in the world that has WiFi. I value the freedom and flexibility as much as I appreciate the income. And because I work for myself, I don’t have to worry about punching a clock or what time zone I’m in. Blogging gives me the freedom to do things my way, at my time, in places I choose.

I typically spend the summers in Europe and for winters, I move somewhere warm. I’ve spent the past several winters in Mexico, but before that I was based in Southeast Asia, most of the time in Thailand. I have also spent large chunks of time in Romania, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, the Republic of Georgia, and Greece.

Twice now, I’ve changed continents simply because I wanted to attend festivals: once leaving Asia to hurl tomatoes at strangers in Spain for La Tomatina, and the other time leaving South America to take in Day of the Dead festivities in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Nathan has the flexibility of his blogging income to spend time in Greece.

Over the past year, during the pandemic, I consider myself doubly fortunate to be able to work remotely in countries that are far more affordable than the U.S., while still earning in U.S. dollars. There are many ways that a blog can bring you the income you need to live a similar lifestyle, whether from advertising revenue, affiliate sales, direct product sales, paid press trips, brand ambassadorships, consulting, or selling courses.

If you’re interested in blogging for adventure and profit, my advice is this: Pick a subject you are passionate about, whatever that may be, and just let it go—no constraints and no fear…but with a clear idea in mind about what you want to spotlight and explore. Also, start with a clearly defined plan as to how you will generate income. Choose direct product sales or advertising revenue or affiliate marketing and focus your early efforts on that specific strategy, rather than trying a bit of everything and hoping something sticks.

Another advantage of having a blog is that it generally leads to other writing opportunities. I have been contacted for numerous freelance writing assignments through my blog. Once publishers are able to see that you have a lot of knowledge on a topic, they will come to you. Blogging is a fun, enjoyable, and accessible way to share your passion. And it truly has the potential to transform your life. Thanks to blogging, I enjoy a life of freedom and flexibility, and have experienced wonders I never could have imagined. So, start typing up your first blog post…who knows where it could lead you.

By Nathan Aguilera