Grab Life’s Golden Moments…with an Independent Income

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on July 28, 2017 in Online Income

Cleo Murphy writing on an independent income…

“I’m thinking of taking the boat out this afternoon,” she said.

My friend, Rosemary, was on the phone talking about her 28ft wooden boat. It’s a beautiful little vessel, full of character, and we’d had a lot of fun tripping around on her. Even on days when we hadn’t the time or inclination to sail, we would sometimes take a picnic lunch and have it on the deck.

The boat was built as a leisure craft for a wealthy family many years before Rosemary discovered her and had her lovingly restored.
Once we even took her to a Traditional Wooden Boats festival where fellow sailing enthusiasts cooed over her in admiration.

At the time of the phone call, I was in the middle of a freelance writing project.

But the sun was shining…

The wind was perfect…

It could be raining next week…

And the deadline wasn’t until tomorrow…I could put in a few hours in the evening.

Before you could say “cast off”, I was grabbing my oilskin.

Memories are made of afternoons like that – the sun on the water, fresh sea air filling your lungs, muscles straining against the sail…

There’s a richness of life that lies beyond a regular paycheck and a nine-to-five job – and one of the big advantages of being your own boss is deciding when you work, and when you play.

Freedom is priceless. Flexibility is worth a fortune. There are folks who simply cannot be pinned down to the office routine…and there’s a streak of adventure in all of us.

Of course, you have to eat and you have to pay bills. But keep the bills small and you’ll be amazed how well you can live on less.

You’ll discover new avenues of income, some of which are surprisingly lucrative.

What would you do with an independent income that allowed you take time off? Go sailing…play golf…take a hike in the hills…enjoy a long lunch? Perhaps you have a project you want to pursue.

Maybe it’s time to start looking and new income streams that put you in charge of your time.

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