Four Tips for Marketing Yourself Online

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on November 29, 2016 in Online Income

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Work for yourself, your clients, and your own earnings…rather than being at the whim of company management. Freelancing and self-employment give you the independence to work where, when, and how much you choose. When you can work remotely, you can travel more. When you have your own income, you can set up your homestead or go off grid.

It’s never been easier to market your skills and products online in a way that can potentially attract a lot of business. Advertising is cheap, websites are easy to design, and there’s plenty of ways to connect and communicate with the community. Here’s some tips on marketing your business from the comfort of your home office.

1. Diversify your “storefront”


There’s no such thing as trying to sell your products and services across too many platforms. As long as you can maintain high quality presentation across the board, set up stores on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, and any other sites that let you advertise and sell goods. If you’re selling a service, like home repair or catering, you should advertise across sharing economy websites like Zaarly and TaskRabbit as well. Don’t go overboard at first. Pick one or two to start with, and work up from there.

2. Set up a personal website


Setting up a professional and attractive looking website can do a lot in attracting clients. The cheapest way to do this is to use a template based website builder like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. Their subscription fees start at $4.50, $8, and $12 respectively, and the design quality improvements over free website builders is worth it.

If you feel you need a little help, consider taking a class in website design from a sharing economy site like SkillShare or Udemy. You can also cheaply hire someone to help you design a site through a service like Upwork or Fiverr. All of these options are inexpensive, so pick whichever one matches your comfort and experience level.

3. Network with your community


The internet puts you in touch with about 40% of the world. Take advantage of this by forming connections with other people in your field. Join an internet forum dedicated to what you’re doing and become an active member. This is the best way to get questions answered and gain advice from people who are already successful at marketing their business. Play your cards right, and connections you make with the community can lead to more work and increased income. If you’re at a loss for where to start looking you can search Reddit, one of the most popular conglomerations of forums, for a sub-forum that pertains to you.

4. Advertise everywhere you can

Google MyBusiness

There’s an enormous amount of options when it comes to actually buying advertising online. Again, the more services you’re able to take advantage of, the more people you’ll reach and the more opportunities you’ll have. Just don’t go overboard to the point that you can’t manage them effectively. You can always hire advertising help from sharing economy sites.

You should start out by signing up with Google My Business to get yourself listed on the search engine. Setting up profiles on Yelp, Angie’s List, and Yahoo Local can further increase visibility.

Setting up a Facebook page for your business will allow you to purchase Facebook advertising. You can reach out to a few hundred people a week for about $20. Plus, Facebook can be an effective way to find and communicate with potential clients. Consider designing a Facebook ad that advertises a coupon or discount for your product, everyone’s attracted to a good sale.

You might be able to get great, free advertising by writing a blog for an industry site that allows “guest posting”. You can find a list of guest post blogs here, or do a google search for “(your product or skill) + guest post”.


Finally, one of the best sources of free advertising is encouraging present and past clients and/or friends to share your website and storefronts on social media. You can encourage people to do this more often by making it as easy as possible for them. Your chosen website design tool should have options for this, or you can use a service like ShareThis to help manage and track your shares.

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