Four Simple Income Opportunities

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on August 15, 2017 in Online Income

Mark Schmedthorst writes about income opportunities …

There is little doubt that today’s world offers virtually unlimited opportunity for generating an income “outside the box.”

The possibilities are endless- ideas such as importing goods to sell on Amazon, operating a food truck, or trading your 401k account to generate income can, when done properly, be very lucrative.

And while there are thousands of ways to make money in what I call the “You-conomy,” only a few have a low barrier to entry with little needed in terms of time invested or in startup cost. This is a critical piece to the independent income puzzle; a capital destroying failed venture could not only kill your morale but also send you back to cubicle hell.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for low-risk opportunities. And believe me – there are plenty.

Some, like e-book creation, selling stock photos, and online course development have already been mentioned in previous articles. Below are four different (but related) ways I use to create an independent income. All are easy to start, all can be learned quickly, and all offer a real opportunity at financial independence.

I know because I’m the proof.

1. Consulting

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While a nebulous term, a consultant is just someone who knows more about a particular subject than someone else who is willing to pay for that knowledge. There is no license or permit to get, no large upfront costs, and no ongoing overhead. You just need to market yourself as someone who can offer a solution to a customer’s problem. Every industry has a need for consultants, while individuals looking to improve their lives often search out personal consultants or life coaches. See books by Alan Weiss (business), Patrick Williams (life coaching), and David Maister (business).

2. Website development and design

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The idea of learning how to build a website or update an existing one may seem intimidating to some, but the truth is that with free online tutorials, guides, youtube videos and other online training, you can learn this valuable skill for free and in very short order. No matter where you live, there are local companies that need website creation and management. See various sites including, and

3. Social Media accounts management

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Almost all companies can use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter, but most do not know where to begin. By learning more about these platforms and understanding the management programs that are available, you can help businesses get their stories out. Think doctors, lawyers, accounting firms, and other professional services groups. See and

4. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the best ways to create a great income on your own terms. If you have ever seen a video message or read a sales page online, you saw the handiwork of a well-paid copywriter. This is an example of direct marketing, where you write persuasive messaging to get consumers to purchase products. The other area of copywriting involves businesses selling to other businesses. This B2B space is always in need of good copywriters. Both areas offer the chance at a great income, even if just part-time. See info at as well as books by Ben Settle and Bob Bly.

income opportunities

As someone who has merged all of these ideas into a successful business, I can tell you that financial independence is not only possible but also quite attainable for those who are committed to it. Today’s You-conomy is full of opportunity. Find a way to learn a new skill or two and then treat it like an experiment; test and see which one makes sense for you and the market you serve. Soon you too can be on your way to independent living.

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