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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on June 8, 2017 in Online Income

Stan Cohen writing on blogging…

One day I had enough of other people’s goals for their businesses dictating my life.

After working for 14 years, I quit my job in 1990 and starting working for myself.

I have been self-employed since – with a series of self-employed adventures. I can’t imagine working for anyone else.

I like to get up when I choose…stop for lunch when I want…practice my tai chi when it suits me.

I discovered tai chi, a gentle movement practice when I was 42. Within weeks I could feel the benefits.

I’m 63 now and I have a few aches and pains…but not as many as some folks my age.

At 52, I decided I wanted to share all I know about this practice. So, I switched careers one more time to become a teacher…leaving behind my work in visual merchandise, screen printing, graphic design, and web design.

I did all of these things because I could…not because I loved them.

The freedom of working in a field of my choosing…creating a career out of nothing…and seeing the results of my efforts is amazing. I work with the senior community and it is so rewarding to know I am helping this group maintain their health and independence.

But I also found I love to talk about what I do for a living.

I wanted to share more about it…so I started a blog.

Writing about my methods, telling the success stories, and working on inspiring others to keep fit is a great feeling as well. It gives me an additional release and a way to reach many more people than I would be able to otherwise.

I found my voice for talking plainly and simply in a way that resonates with baby boomers and older seniors.

More and more seniors are using the internet for researching information and benefitting from informative blogs like mine.

Each year, I am gaining followers and reaching more potential students and customers for the books I’ve written about tai chi.

My days vary, although I have a set teaching schedule. I teach about 50 hours a month and travel a lot.

When I’m not teaching, I practice, and study, which is about another 40 hours a month.

I write for my blog three hours a day on average.

The rest of the day is for leisure time.

As the blog and following grow, I plan to write more and teach less to allow my leisure time to grow into retirement.

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