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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on January 19, 2018 in Money Saving Strategies, Online Income, Remote Working

Tom Kerr writing on financial freedom…

As a teenager, I knew two older men who were total opposites…but taught me the same financial lesson.

One was the wealthy grandfather of a classmate. A dapper-looking gent; he always wore dress shoes, a gold pocket watch, cufflinks, and a silk tie. You’d never suspect he had been a poor tobacco farmer, unless you shook hands with him and felt the decades of callouses.

When I asked his granddaughter what he did for a living, she smiled and said, “Grandpa just reads the paper.”

Gemstones were discovered on his land, so he gave up farming in favor of gem mining. He swapped overalls and a tractor for a Cadillac and three-piece suits.

Over breakfast he would read the paper…just to check commodity prices and see how much his precious minerals were worth.

That was his typical work day.

The other guy was the president of the biggest bank in town. When I was 15 he opened the vault for me, told me to hold out my arms, and proceeded to load them all the way to my chin with stacks of cash, like it was firewood. He counted out a million bucks and asked me how that felt.

Unfortunately, I had to give it all back.

He was worth a fortune when he retired, but surprised everyone when he moved into a little shack on the beach.

There, he happily lived out his days fishing in the inlet from a rickety, barnacle-crusted pier. He’d watch the sun set over the marshes and then cast off in his rowboat to gig for flounder at night.

He donated his suits to the thrift store, wore cut-off jeans and flip-flops, and dried his laundry on the clothesline. The ocean property around him got more expensive every year, and the snooty neighbors constantly sued him for maintaining what they considered an eyesore.

But he could care less, and paid his lawyers to keep the nosey neighbors out of his scruffy hair.

What those two characters taught me is that when you have no financial worries, you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s idea of how to live or spend your time and money.

Wealth gives you the freedom to live however you decide.

I’ve been around print publishing for 25 years, so I used to be skeptical that you could make much money from digital books.

Then I met a woman in my local coffee shop, who used to clean houses for a living. When I told her I was a writer, she explained that she wrote an e-book about how to start a successful housecleaning business.

She sold it through her own website.

Then she wrote another one, about how to professionally clean and de-clutter your house. By the time I met her she had stopped cleaning houses and was earning six figures from the repeated sales generated by those two simple ebooks.

Henry David Thoreau once wrote that “Books are the treasured wealth of the world,” and he meant that the knowledge they contain is priceless.

But if you acquire the knowledge of how to publish and market them cheaply enough, books can also represent a treasure trove of actual cash.

A few ebook titles with your name on them could be like that million dollars I once held in my arms as if it were firewood.

Except this time, you won’t have to give any of it back.

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