How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on April 14, 2017 in Money Saving Strategies, Online Income, Personal Finances

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Do you want to make money from the comfort of your home? Looking for a side job to earn some extra income this year?

You have plenty options when it comes to earning money online. Unfortunately, companies know this; and many sites that post job offers will charge a fee to join or severely limit your options unless you pay to become a “premium” member.

Don’t fall into this trap. For every website charging fees, there’s two that are completely free. In fact, many of the best ways of earning money through the internet won’t cost you a dime. Here’s a look at some of the best options for earning a side income through the internet that won’t charge you to join.

1. Sell Your Photos

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If your hobby is taking photos, you might as well see if some of your best shots can earn you some extra cash. You can sign up with stock photo websites like Shutterstock, 500px Prime, and iStockphoto and start selling your photographs right away. All of these sites are free to join and you can earn up to $250 for each photo sold. Shutterstock also has a referral program that will allow you to earn a percentage of sales from other photographers or customers you refer to the site.

Don’t have a high quality camera? No problem. Just sign up with Foap, a stock photo site that accepts photos taken with phone cameras. Foap comes as an app you can download to your phone, which makes uploading photos simple and quick.

2. Take Surveys

You’ll find a ton of sites that claim they’ll pay you money simply to sit around and answer survey questions all day. Unfortunately, many of these sites are scams or only offer gift cards to certain stores as a reward. However, there are a few survey sites that are completely legitimate and pay out a decent amount considering how little work you’ll be doing.

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

InboxDollars is completely free to join. You can take advantage of trial offers and daily surveys through their site that will pay out in cash. If you complete their daily offers every day you could earn around $700 per year.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

I-Say is part of the Ipsos Panel, which handles a lot of the political polling during elections. Points you receive for completing surveys can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. They select which surveys you can take, but some of the “higher end” surveys given out to long-time members pay up to $95. Typically surveys pay around $5 and take 10-15 minutes to complete.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Swagbucks isn’t just free, they’ll give you $5 just to sign up. They offer more options for earning points beyond just taking surveys and they frequently hand out free rewards to members. You can redeem points for PayPal cash, which can then be transferred to any bank account.

3. Become an online merchant

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Starting your own online store through merchant sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy is completely free and easy to do. The sites will guide you through the process of creating and maintaining your storefront and accepting payment. Etsy is geared towards handmade artistic crafts, Ebay is best for selling antiques and other high profile items so that customers can “bid up” the price, and Amazon is a good choice all-around.

If you’ve got a lot of old books sitting around, you might want to consider BookScouter. You can look up books via their ISBN number to get a quick price quote. Textbooks can sell for a premium and those old books gathering dust in the attic might be worth more than you think. Some people even earn hundreds of dollars per day by buying old books on Ebay and reselling them here.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Affiliate marketers get paid to promote products and receive a cut of the revenue for every product sold. Basically, you sign up with a website (for free) and promote their products online. You’ll receive anywhere from 5% to 30% commission on each product sold.

Some of the best affiliate marketing sites include ClickBank, Rakuten, and Amazon Associates. You can promote products for free over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Eventually, you can set up a website specifically for affiliate marketing, but it’s not necessary.

5. Freelance

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If you’ve got skills that are in demand you can make as much as a full-time job by freelancing. Sites like Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer are all free to join and feature jobs from thousands of clients. There’s a ton of jobs available in a variety of categories including: graphic design, marketing, data entry, translation, customer service, and writing.

6. YouTube

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

What makes a hit video? If you can answer this question you could earn thousands of dollars off a popular YouTube channel. YouTube  has always been 100% free and they offer a lot of tools to help you maintain and grow a popular channel.

You can make money by posting instructional videos (cooking, car maintenance, DIY how-to’s, etc.) or by just being in the right place at the right time. There are hundreds of people out there who have made five or six figure sums posting videos of cute animals. All you have to do to join them is be in the right place at the right time and have your camera ready.

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