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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on December 20, 2017 in Money Saving Strategies, Online Income, Personal Finances

Steve Coombes writing on family, freedom and online income

Five years ago, when my mother-in-law was stricken with cancer, our entire family dropped everything and travelled 1,000 miles to be at her side.

I didn’t have to ask my boss’ permission for time off…because I didn’t have one. Instead, I just brought my laptop.

And for six months – as my wife helped her mom – my income increased.

You simply can’t put a price tag on the freedom to actually be there when your family needs you…the freedom to give them that extra kiss and hug.

Ten years ago, I was stuck in a moderate-income rut in IT and looking for a way to increase my income, if only a little.

I already knew of a new self-employment path I wanted to try…but as a husband and father of seven, I knew it takes more than wishes and dreams to pay the bills and put enough food on the table for all those little mouths.

So, instead of following my dream, I scheduled a job interview with a company an hour drive from home – 45 minutes farther than my current job – that only paid $1,000 more a month.

Running late as I rushed toward the door that morning, I nimbly gave my 4-year-old a quick side hug without slowing down.

That’s when his 5-year-old brother innocently delivered 10 words that crushed my soul. “Daddy doesn’t have time to give you a kiss, Elijah.”

I love my family fiercely. And I couldn’t care less about the company or the job I was interviewing for.

Yet there I was rushing to an interview in a bid to trade another 30 hours a month away from my family…for no significant improvement in lifestyle.

It was then and there, driving through frustrated tears, that I knew I had arrived at a moment of decision.

As it turns out, I already had everything I needed to jump into this new venture…and land on both feet.

So do you if you’re reading this on any computer.

And, if you can coherently string two or three sentences together in plain English, you already have the main skillset to get started.

You may have already guessed what it is: It’s writing.

No, I’m not a novelist. And you’ve probably never heard my name before. Yet I pull in far more income every month than I ever made at my last IT job.

Instead of taking that job an hour from home, I devoted roughly the same amount of time – at night, after the kids went to bed – to writing.

Articles…websites…short sales letters…emails. Everything you read online or in the mail, someone had to write it.

And guess what? People just like you and me get paid good money to do so.

Less than 18 months after that job interview I was working full-time for myself as a writer.

And yes, the money is great. But the freedom to spend all the time I want with my family is better.

For me, writing was a lucrative way to make that kind of lifestyle possible.

It could be for you, too.

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