Why Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Your Own Choice

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Posted by The Savvy Retiree on August 9, 2017 in Health and Wellbeing

Tom Kerr writing on medical marijuana…

There’s so much government dysfunction it makes you wonder what your elected officials are smoking. Speaking of which, weed is a textbook example…regardless of what position you take when it comes to drug policy.

No matter how you feel about recreational marijuana, medical cannabis effectively treats epilepsy in children, nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and the agonizing pain of those afflicted with multiple sclerosis. The NFL is actively exploring its effect on traumatic brain injuries…which could benefit you if you’re in an accident.

Big Pharma, meanwhile, continues to legally flood America with opioids…now officially the leading cause of death in the U.S. for those under the age of 50. But the Feds look the other way while claiming marijuana has absolutely no medical benefits…lumping it in with heroin and crack. They even restrict scientific and medical research that could definitively answer important, controversial questions about cannabis.

At least…that’s what the Feds do when they aren’t completely contradicting themselves in ways that are bizarrely hypocritical and suspicious.

In 2003 the Nobel prize-winning biochemist Julius Axelrod (whose work helped usher in the invention of anti-depressants like Prozac), was awarded a U.S. patent based on the medical merits of one of the chemicals found in cannabis (often called cannabanoids) known as cannabidiol. This compound delivers neurological healing benefits without the psychotropic “getting you high” side effects of THC.

Yet hundreds of upstanding mom-and pop medical dispensaries, scattered across about 60% of the nation, cannot open bank accounts without being treated like money-laundering, drug-pushing criminals. That’s because they dispense prescription-only cannabis, which the Feds — including the Federal Reserve and money-printing Treasury — fail to recognize as legit.

This is all despite voters and state governments deeming them perfectly legal in 29 out of 50 American states. These business owners can’t open a basic business checking account, write payroll checks, or even pay taxes by check or wire transfer.

The IRS loves it since, instead of doing like merchants do and offering you discounts for cash, they instead add a big 10% surcharge.

Most armored car companies won’t do business with cannabis dispensaries either. That makes businesses highly susceptible to robberies…a danger to the public that strains law enforcement resources which could be deployed elsewhere.

One tiny financial institution in California has started warily accepting deposits from cannabis dispensaries, fully aware that they could be shut down by the Feds at any moment. But they have a serious profit motive. Not only do they generate tons of revenue by cornering a niche market, they also charge cannabis dispensary customers monthly fees of $7,500 or more.

Hey, you and I complain — and rightly so — when we get hit with a $5 ATM fee. Imagine paying more than $80,000 a year, just for the privilege of opening and maintaining a checking account.

All of this is just more disturbing evidence that Big Government, Big Pharma, and the wolves on Wall Street want to control your choices, exert undue authority over your life, and prey on you for ever-increasing profits.

They expect you to passively play along, no questions asked. But as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis stated in the 20s, the most powerful political office is that of you, the private citizen.

You can also cast a resounding vote with your wallet, supporting local family businesses and small farms. Take back ownership of your health from Big Pharma and your food supply from Big Ag. Cut the cords that tie you to Wall Street’s purse strings, toxic debt, and the utility grid monopoly.

You can be as free and independent as you like.

They, on the other hand, desperately need you to survive…which proves that it’s you, not them, who are ultimately in control.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it…

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