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Is It Always Worth Working Longer to Maximize Your Social Security?

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on October 31, 2019

When it comes to maximizing your Social Security, the general guidelines are to work for at least 35 years, earn as much money as you can, work until full retirement age, and delay your claim until age 70. In other words, work hard for as long as possible. This isn’t necessarily bad advice. However, its […]

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Be Vigilant and Protect Your Online Finances

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on February 9, 2018

The CEO who was at the helm of Equifax when it experienced a massive data breach did the unthinkable. He apologized. Of course, he only did…

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Give Yourself Time And Freedom For An Online Income

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on December 20, 2017

I already knew of a new self-employment path I wanted to try…but as a husband and father of seven, I knew it takes more than wishes and dreams to pay the bills and put enough food…

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Making Money from the Top Six Cryptocurrencies

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on November 23, 2017

You know from the global financial crisis of 2008 that you can no longer depend on Big Bankers. In the recession that followed, some people took this breach of trust seriously and decided a…

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Become Your Own Boss With A Second Career

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on November 11, 2017

In my first year of making money from my photography, I earned over $5,000. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create an income doing something I loved…

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How to Become a Freelance Writer

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on October 27, 2017

I came to freelance writing after a variety of careers…professional cooking, aircraft mechanics, real estate. When, health issues forced my retirement and I started looking for a less strenuous form of income…

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How a Vacation Can Save You Money

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on October 9, 2017

When I was a young man, a gentleman in his 80s gave me some sage financial advice. “Anyone can make money,” he said. “The hard part is to know how to spend it…

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Your Digital Assets May Be Lost in Cyberspace

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on August 16, 2017

You never know who your seatmate will be when you board a flight…but you probably hope it’s someone who will keep their nose in a novel and not jabber your ears off…

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Weather the Storm…Keep Some Cash in Your Back Pocket

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on August 7, 2017

Visa believes that you and I want the “freedom” of not paying for things in cash. The credit card giant just launched a major push to coerce mom-and-pop restaurants to go cashless…

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Five Ways to Make Money in the Gig Economy

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on July 19, 2017

If you’re no longer satisfied with climbing the corporate ladder, check out the side jobs and one-off projects that make up the gig economy. You can earn extra money in your spare time…

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Off-Grid and Mortgage-Free in Sunny Arizona

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on May 30, 2017

Bob Adams and Karen Kulik didn’t much like the idea of having jobs and mortgages. So they gave them up for freedom and independence. “I decided that instead of waiting until I was…

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Protect Your Assets and Your Wealth Independence

Posted by The Savvy Retiree on April 30, 2017

From a legal standpoint, the money you deposit in a bank no longer belongs to you. Instead, the bank owns it. You are merely just another one of their unsecured creditors…

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