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The nature of retirement has changed fundamentally.

But the “expert” advice hasn’t kept pace with the reality of life.

We’re always given two choices: Pinch your pennies and sacrifice your comfort…or continue the nine-to-five slog and sacrifice your happiness.

No one ever seems to mention the obvious third choice, what we at The Savvy Retiree know is the correct choice: Living a richer, more rewarding retirement without having to work harder or for years longer.

Opportunities exist today that previous generations never could have imagined.

Thanks to new earning opportunities, technological solutions and low-cost travel, it’s possible to build the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

Just imagine: What if you had the freedom, flexibility—and the funds—to visit your grandkids for months at a time, renting a little house nearby and helping out your kids while getting to know the younger set a little better…

Or what if you could take your income with you overseas—maybe you’d choose a beach house right on the sand…work a few hours in the mornings and take every afternoon off to relax, swim, snorkel, fish…

Or perhaps you’d prefer to stay right where you are—but earn enough money from a side-hustle to jet off on three or four month-long trips a year.

Earning a portable income from a job you love doing in some place you love doing it…that’s the dream. You could make your own hours, be your own boss, and generate enough income to ensure a comfortable, happy, and content retirement.

Which is precisely our goal here at The Savvy Retiree. We bring you details of the best work opportunities so that you can fund—and live—whatever your dream retirement might be.

Plus, we bring you all the latest tips and strategies to enrich that retirement, helping you create a lifestyle that keeps you engaged, alert, young, and vibrant.

Through our free e-letter The Savvy Retiree Daily andmonthly publication The Savvy Retiree, we show you how it’s done…